You can win without betting

Up to the end
of STEP 1


70.5 MLN XBM


275.7 MLN XBM


6.88 k XBM
275.7 Mln XBM
$2,3 mln

You can win without betting

Up to the end
of STEP 2


70.5 MLN XBM


275.7 MLN XBM


6.88 k XBM
275.7 Mln XBM
$2,3 mln

You can win without betting

Up to the end
of STEP 3


70.5 MLN XBM


275.7 MLN XBM


6.88 k XBM
275.7 Mln XBM
$2,3 mln

Press about us

Our documentation

How it Works: blockchain solution for bookmakers by RevelDevelopment
Deposit in cryptocurrency in one click
After sending ETH directly to Ethereum contract address, user will see his cryptocurrency balance at the top of his wallet and on his dashboard inside betting system
Bet on desired event
We have a wide range of coefficients from wide betting line. All you need is to place a bet on the desired event and keep your fingers crossed for your favorite player or team
Receive a trustworthy and fast payout in case of win
When the event is finished and the results of the game are summed up, our smart contract will automatically execute a bet. As a result, the winner will get an instant payout

Betting in 2018

Bookmakers are using outdated technologies:

  • Complex and expensive fiat financial infrastructure
  • Direct marketing has extremely high user-acquisition costs
  • Fully-centralized business with little or no community components

Betmatch concept

User experience:

  • Convenience of on-demand mobile betting and limits of private betting service
  • High-incented and transparent social betting providers
  • Greatly reduced commissions
  • Zero commissions for members (token holders)

Betting in 2018

Fund transfers and bets are still in fiat:

  • Complexity in fund transfers (especially for large sums)
  • Necessity to trust the bookmaker completely
  • Very high commissions and low bet limits

Betmatch concept

Financial principles:

  • Fast and easy deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurency
  • Trustworthy and code-guaranteed wins payout
  • Funds are always controlled by the customer (until he loses a bet)

Advantages over Competitors

prediction markets
Prediction Markets
Decentralization ensuring unprecedented degree of security
A wide variety of events
Traditional customer experience, convenient for majority of players
No place for insider trading and speculation
Lower fees
betting protocols
Betting protocols and p2p betting
Liquidity (p2p and protocols are illiquid now)
Variety of events and bets
We are ready to build a real-working and long-standing (long-term) business
traditional betting
Traditional betting operators
Decentralized and trusted framework for sports betting
Rich user experience through an off-chain service layer
Security, anonymity and autonomy
Convenient matching procedure
Easy and fast funds transfers
Trustworthy paradigm. No worries about payouts
Low (and even zero) commissions

Key differentiators

financial side
Financial side is easy and reliable
Cryptocurrency only – fast and trustworthy payments. No banks and e-money required.
Decentralized bet calculation – no chances not to get a prize
Trustworthy funds storage – customer’s money is always safe
improved user
Improved user experience
High limits – you don’t need to search where to bet anymore
Transparent social betting – key of comfortable social interactions and experience monetization
Low or even zero commissions – win more with every bet

Massive potential and
market growth

Gambling and Betting Market
(Total Market)
Betting Market
(Available Market)
Online Betting Market
(Serviceable Market)

Confidently enter the e-sports arena?

275M people are already the part of e-sports bets, and the total amount of bets in 2018 has exceeded $ 1,1М. Do you like games, watch streams? It's time to start making money with Betmatch!

Be the first to enter new betting world!

In order to join Betmatch community, all you need is to leave your email address and our managers will provide you with further information.


  1. Token name is XBM.

  2. Betmatch is issuing XBM, an ERC20-compliant token.

  3. XBM token is a native token of Betmatch, a blockchain solution for bookmakers. It has no value outside Betmatch infrastructure, but gains it after being applied to Betmatch services.

  4. Personal token holding allows the user to bet without any house commissions. It means that if the player bets and wins in the end, he gets not only the winning amount according to coefficient with which he placed a bet, but also all house commissions from his bet.

  5. The token can easily be lent to other customers with receiving part of their saved commissions.

  6. On the future stages of the product development, token functionality would be extended by the opportunity to bet on these tokens (without house commissions) and stake them to provide valuable information for the system.

  7. Holding XBM tokens allows its owners to place bets without any house commissions. It means that if the player places a bet, he is not charged the house commission for doing so.

  8. XBM tokens can be “lent” to other customers. Token holders may want to lend their tokens in exchange for monetary compensation.


Funds Limit
Time Limit
Sep 30
Funds Limit
275M XBM
Time Limit
Dec 30
Funds Limit
153M XBM
Time Limit
Apr 01


50% Players
35% Strategic Reserve
8% Management Team
5% Advisors & Services
2% Community/Airdrops
50% Players
35% Strategic Reserve
8% Management Team
5% Advisors & Services
2% Community/Airdrops


50% Betting Liquidity
20% Marketing
15% Platform Development – Technology
10% Operations
5% Legal
50% Betting Liquidity
20% Marketing
15% Platform Development – Technology
10% Operations
5% Legal
Betmatch generates revenue through multiple processes:
Betting wins against users (house wins against customer losses)
Commissions for all bets (for non-token holders and losers)
Withdrawal commissions from user wallets (from non-token holders)
Ancillary income (i.e. non-betting business-related income such as advertising)

What would backers receive ?

A digital asset designed as a right to a share of all system commissions

Active use of the token or its lending generates cash-flow

Value is directly connected to volume of bets in system

Operation principles
  • Trustless service on demand
  • Best limits and user experience
  • Low and even zero commissions
  • Customer-focused service
  • Fiat-less, easy and reliable payments
  • Great usability


Oct’1 2017
Concept Development Start

Includes a detailed information about the main idea of Betmatch project and highlights the best features of the proposed solutions concerning its quality, usability, functionality and convenience.

Feb’1 2018
Hypothesis Testing and Working with the Market

We started our work with the big players of the betting market to test our hypothesis and new concepts on future users. At this stage that we found an important strategic partner from the real betting business, which will give us significant advantage.

Apr’1 2018
Start of MVP Development

The work on the MVP  has started. Our team has started  to work on the architecture, design and cooperation with technical partners. In September our first users will be able to play and bet using our test tokens.

May’1 2018
Token Economy And Other Documentation

We have started to work on unique token model and concept. We have invited best experts on the market to this work. And we're happy to see them in our team.  You can read about our unique token model in our white paper and in our official blog.

May’30 2018
Strategic Betting Partnership

We have found and started cooperation with a strong partner from the betting business. We will announce it in December 2018. This cooperation will allow us to save about $ 150,000 dollars per month in the future.

Jun’10 2018
Official Legal Partner

We have full legal support within the team. This is not just one person, but a whole team of professional lawyers with 10 years of experience and international practice.

Jul’10 2018
Copyright and Trademark Registration

We start to patent all our design materials, product and other know-how elements. This step will protect our company from scammers.

Aug’15 2018
Closed Presale Start

BetMatch closed pre-sale stage for accredited investors started in the middle of August.

Sep’15 2018
MVP public testing

You can test our MVP. We will send test-tokens to your profile. Use them for MVP testing and take part in special program to win XBM.

Oct’1 2018
Private Sale Start

We will start our private sale with individual MVP demonstration. Our first investors will get first 15% bonuses.

Dec’20 2018
Alpha Version Launch

We have found and started cooperation with strong partner from betting business. We will declare it at December 2018. This cooperation allows us to save about $ 150,000 dollars a month in the future.

Jan’1 2019
Public Sale

Official public sale


Blockchain and smart contracts system provide
Total transparency of transactions
Time saving because of fast transaction execution
The highest level of data encryption
Precision, as they eliminate the possibility of errors
Solution to the issue of mistrust
Decentralization and autonomy, as there is no need for intermediaries
Safety, as the data in the decentralized registry is immune to information leak and cyber attacks
An opportunity to have full control over your funds.
Professional bookmaker analytics
Provides faster, better decision making
Establishes dynamic coefficients
Provides system of risk management in order to minimize the probability of unfortunate events
Gives a wide range of useful and meaningful statistical facts.
Industry standard UI/UX
Delegate social system
Staking discount token economy
Social betting system
Public Liquidity Pool.

Our Unique Selling Points

Ready-to-use bet coefficients and risk management system

This backend technology is a core part of successfully operating business. It is ready to be implemented as result of collaboration with our business partner

No other crypto betting project has such a strong technology partnership

Fast entry into the market
Unlike the majority of crypto-related betting projects, we start from an already working and quickly scalable product
Partnerships and marketing
At the moment we are establishing partnerships with top-grade cybersport teams (Navi is an example) and working towards expansive media coverage of our MVP launch

F. A. Q.

What Is Betmatch?

Betmatch is a blockchain solution for bookmakers, that combines a classic business model, related to traditional betting cases, executed in trustless paradigm using blockchain technology with the social betting network as a second (community) layer.

What are Betmatch customer rules?

Betmatch customer rules are as follows:

1. Each customer can bet using his Ethereum address. All bets and their results are tracked. He can eventually change his address and even place every new bet using new address.

2. Each customer who holds tokens for receiving commission-free betting needs to hold them until the bet is paid out. The system will freeze them for this time.

What is TGE?

TGE is the tokenisation of business. In other words it is the implementation of tokens on a business model in order to widen its functionality.

What is Social Betting System?

Social betting system is the critical invention of Betmatch that serves players, analysts (or any person that can influence the betting industry), and Betmatch itself. For players, this model gives the opportunity to significantly reduce betting commissions in comparison with traditional betting houses as well as use a proven, trust-based social betting service. For analysts and other people, it is a unique opportunity to direct and monetize their skills by influencing their subscription base. For Betmatch it gives a chance to significantly decrease marketing costs and allows easy business scaling.

How does Betmatch platform generate revenue?

The Betmatch platform generates revenue in four ways:

- Betting wins (customer losses);
- Betting commissions;
- Wallet withdrawal fees;
- Sponsored content and advertising. Betting commissions and betting wins are related to liquidity pool revenue and partially would be shared with most active community members.

What business models does Betmatch have?

Betmatch combines the classical business model of traditional betting cases with a social betting network as a second, community layer. These two business models perfectly complement each other, providing additional customer value and enhancing the overall net effect of the system created.

Is Betmatch focusing only on private business?

No, Betmatch is focusing not just on a private business, but also on community-driven system. The business model includes a significant, automated and trustless profit share as a reward for social activity that is not based on token staking and brings additional value into the ecosystem.

What is the token symbol?

The token symbol is XBM.

How can I use your tokens?

The token itself has no value outside the Betmatch infrastructure and system. It only gains value after being applied to Betmatch services. Each token can be used in the following ways:

- Holding XBM allows you to place bets without any house commissions. It means that if you place a bet, you won’t be charged the house commission for doing so.

- XBM tokens can be “lent” to other customers. Token holders may want to lend their tokens in exchange for monetary compensation.

- In the future, with continued platform development, token functionality may be extended by the opportunity to place bets using these tokens and even stake them to provide valuable information for the system.


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